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We have the best chauffeurs to welcome you with a smile and transfer you to your desired destination. We provide chauffeured Range Rovers, Mercedes V Class, Mercedes E Class, and should you have specific desires, we can provide them upon request.


We are known to be bon vivants and have rarely been known to go wrong on a recommendation. We can also source wines from around the world, either for your own pleasure or as an investment. Need a Michelin star private experience? Contact us!


Taking care of your body, mind and soul, is part of the modern art de vivre. If you need a personal coach or a yoga class, at home or whilst you travel, we would be delighted to recommend the appropriate wellness guru.


We provide the best and most skilled personnel, from PA’s to Butlers to yacht crew and all those that are needed to ensure your assets are well managed and maintained and you are pampered and looked after.


We are in a high paced and highly mobile society. Relocating can sometimes be daunting and complicated. We are here to make it a seamless experience. Worldwide.


From handbags through to designer wear, we have a team to assist. If it is rare, we hunt it down, or have it created. If you lack time to shop, we will take care of it.